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It All Starts With Intelligent & Cost-Effective Concrete Slab Designs


Concrete Slab Prices & Costs

You Can't Cost A Concrete Slab Or Structure Before You Know Exactly What Is In It. Our Simple 10 Step Process Will Get You From Start To Finish Without A Glitch.

Step 1 - Floor Plan Review

First We Will Review Your Final Achitectural Floor Plans. 


The Review Helps Us To Establish What Concrete Slab Engineering Design Work Will Be Required For Your Concrete Structure.

Step 2 - Engineering Design Quotes

Based On The Floor Plan Review We Will Give You An Engineering Design Quote For You Concrete Slab, Foundation Or Structure. 


This Engineering Design Quote Includes Our Structural Design Fees & Site Inspection Fees

Step 3 - Actual Engineering Design

If You Accept Our Concrete Slab Design Quote We Will Proceed With The Structural Design. 


We Do The Design Using Modelling Software Based On Your Loading And Specific Structure Requirements.

Step 4 - Engineering Design Deliverables

Once We Have Completed The Concrete Slab Engineering Design We Will Give You:


 A Set Of Structural Engineering Design Drawings A Dry Material Schedule So You Can Do Your Material Costing.

Cost-Effective Concrete Slab & Structure Designs Reduce Material & Construction Costs


We Designed It - Now Let's Cost It!

You Have Already Paid For The Concrete Slab or Structure Design. Now You Need To Cost The Concrete Slab Or Structure Dry Materials And The Erection / Construction Costs.


We Will Help You With Both Of These.

Step 5 - Dry Materials Supply Quote

Based On Our Structural Engineering Design & Material Schedule We Will Provide You With A Dry Material Supply Quote.

The Quote Will Include Your Structural Steel, Lintels, Decking Blocks, Etc

We Ensure That You Get Quality Materials At The Right Price!

Cost Effective Design & Materials!

Step 6 - Dry Materials Supply & Delivery

If You Accept Our Dry Material Supply & Delivery Quote We Will Make Sure That All You Get Quality Materials Delivered To Your Site On Time.

Our Supply & Delivery Teams Will Liase With Your Architects And Any Specific Contractors Timeousely On Site.


We Will Make Sure Your Project Gets Off To The Perfect Start!

Step 7 - Slab Erection & Construction Costs

We Don't Erect Or Cast Concrete Slabs & Structures.


We Design, Inspect And Sign-Off On Concrete Slabs Or Structures Based Our Engineering Design Requirements.

We Can Help You Cost The Erection & Casting Process. We Can recommend Great Slab Erectors.

If You Can Dream It - We Can Certainly Help You Design & Build It. 

Let's Make Sure Your Concrete Slab or Structure Is Built Correctly!

Our Role In The Slab Or Structure Constuction Phase Is Simple. We Make Sure That Your Structure Is Built Properly Based On Our Sructural Design.


Step 8 - Engineering Advisory During Construction

There Are A Great Many Things That Can Change On Site During The Construction Phase Of A Project.  

Our Role Is To Make Sure That We Can Advise Or Adapt Our Engineering Design If Need Be During This Phase. 

We Will Be Available And In Contact With The Architects & Construction Contractors During This Crucial Period As And When Required.

Step 9 - Engineering Inspections & Responsibility

As The Structural Design Engineers We Are Obliged To Inspect All Concrete Slabs & Structures Before They Are Cast.

We Inspect Our Concrete Slabs & Structures After The Slab Has Been Erected And Before It Is Gets Cast.

Our Inspections Ensure That All The Major Structural Elements Have Been Placed And Connected Correctly According to the Engineer's Design. 

We Are Ultimately Legally Responsible For The Structural Integrity Of The Structure.

Step 10 - Engineers Certificate & Sign-Off

Once The Engineer's Inspection Has Taken Place And The Engineer Is Satisfied That The Slab Has Been Cast Correctly, An Engineer's Certificate (Completion) Is Issued In Terms Of The National Building Regulations, And Where Applicable Also In Terms Of The Requirements Of The NHBRC. 


This Engineer's Certificate Is A Legal Requirement In Terms Of The National Building Regulations And Also Required By Financial Institutions Before Progress Payments Will Be Released.

This Is A Very Important Step In Finalising Your Concrete Slab Or Structure.

We Help Architectural Genius Become Physical Reality 

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